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Miniature Circuit Breakers (Modular)



Used for building commercial and industrial installations up to 63A 230/400Vac and 220/440 Vdc for the protection of cables and conductors against overload and short-circuit.  

Tripping characteristics B, C, D according to EN 60898.

A wide range of accessories are available including auxiliary and relative switches, undervoltage releases and shunt-trips as well as interconnecting busbars.

These MCBs have a breaking capacity of 10kA.

A variety of current ratings are available in one-pole, two-pole, three-pole and three-pole + neutral.  Kindly contact us for further information.




Interconnecting BusBars


Interconnecting Busbars

For interconnection of 1 to 4-pole circuit breakers, tumbler switches, residual current circuit breakers, lightning current arresters and surge voltage arresters.

For interconnection of a series of single-phase or three-phase circuit breakers and tumbler switches.